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ALASCA attending CloudFest in Rust

ALASCA | CloudFest 2023 | G02 Cloud Fair

ALASCA presents itself to the public for the first time. For this, CloudFest in Rust is the best oaccasion we can think of. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our stand, to discuss our vision and how ALASCA is contributing to the realisation of Digital Sovereignty for Germany and Europe. Furthermore, we would like to present our focus project Yaook.

ALASCA | CloudFest 2023 | G02 Cloud Fair


When and where?

When: March 21 - 23, 2023

Stand: Cloud Fair, G02

Floorplan: Click here for the fastest direction to our stand

Breakout Session

We are also looking forward to present Yaook in a breakout session. So, grab a coffee, get a seat and make sure to not miss our short pitch.


ALASCA | CloudFest 2023 | Breakout Session | 21.03.2023 | Head in the Cloud and home of a husky: ALASCA - our answer to the call for digital sovereignty

Head in the Cloud and home of a husky: ALASCA - our answer to the call for digital sovereignty

Abstract: Achieving digital sovereignty remains a major challenge in 2023. Organizations often lack both suitable tools and knowledge for setting up and operating their own cloud infrastructure, keeping them dependent on hyperscalers. This is where ALASCA comes in - the new association for operational, open cloud infrastructures. ALASCA's mission is twofold: First, we develop open source projects ready for application. Second, we educate and provide guidance for using our tools. Our focus here is on Yaook - a lifecycle management tool for OpenStack and SecuStack. Not only is our community pushing forward the development of this agile (like a husky, you know?) software, but we also aim to share free knowledge around Yaook. This way, ALASCA makes a significant contribution to digital sovereignty.

Let's talk

You want to attend CloudFest and pop in for a chat? Nice! Send us an e-mail to and secure yourself a free ticket for the event.

We look forward to seeing you.

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