ALASCA Tech Talks.

Alasca Maria Vaquero Tech Talks Moderator

The ALASCA Tech Talks provide a platform to showcase solutions that have the potential to improve the digital sovereignty of cloud infrastructures and services, as well as for use cases that rely on these digital sovereign infrastructures and services.

This is where techies meet techies. They are united by their conviction in open source software for the operation of cloud applications and the common goal of establishing digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe.

The ALASCA Tech Talks have been held once a month since January 2023 and enjoy a loyal listenership. You too can become part of our ALASCA Tech Talks - whether as a listener, co-discussant or speaker. We look forward to seeing you!

  • When: Every last Friday of the month, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • Where: via Zoom (dial-in data, see below)
  • Language: English

Upcoming Tech Talk

Look forward to the following speaker in September:

ALASCA Tech-Talk #9 | Christian Berendt | "Our way to make 23KE an open source project".

Abstract Tech Talk #9

"Our way to make 23KE an open source project"

Christian Berendt (Founder & CEO, 23 Technologies)

With 23 Technologies, we have been working for the last few years on a solution to provide managed Kubernetes based on Gardener, an open source project by SAP. Since a part of our solution, the 23KE, is now also used by several other European CSPs, including Cleura from Sweden, we have now decided to transfer the 23KE into an open source project. In fact, this decision has always been made, but we have so far treated the 23KE more as an inner source in order to be able to work faster and more focused. In this tech talk we show our way from an inner source project to an open source project. We discuss points such as the choice of licence, the steps necessary to protect ourselves as a company, but also the opportunities that arise.

Past Tech Talks

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Call for Speaker

We are always looking for exciting topics for our ALASCA Tech Talks. Do you have an open source project that you would like to share and discuss with the community? Great, then share your tech talk idea with us and become an active part of the ALASCA tech talk community.

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