Yaook - The Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack and SecuStack


Manually managing OpenStack is time-consuming and error-prone. Update and upgrade processes in particular often cause headaches. Especially the roll-out of changes, the necessary validation of configuration changes beforehand as well as ensuring the functionality of the services after the changes pose particular challenges.


Therfore, our OpenStack Lifecycle Management Tool (LCM) Yaook automates these manual processes and reliably enables the provision and operation of cloud infrastructures. OpenStack and Kubernetes are linked together in a clever way. Of course, all this is done based on open-source!


The focus is not only on the provisioning of OpenStack itself, but also on all other aspects that are relevant for the management of OpenStack-based infrastructures (e.g. hardware inventory, monitoring and updating). Yaook not only makes things easier for DevOps teams working with OpenStack, but also enables them to easily build their own cloud infrastructures. In this way, it makes an important contribution to Digital Sovereignty.

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