Franziska Feldmann

ALASCA is born.

The ALASCA founding members from left to right: Josephine Seifert (secustack), Felix Walter (D3TN), Walter Wolf (Schwarz IT), Michael Sobirey (secunet Security Networks), Marius Feldmann (Cloud&Heat Technologies), Tor Lund-Larsen (Cyberus Technology), Martin Pilka (dNation)

With ALASCA, we position ourselves as a united cloud and open source foundation for the joint (further) development of operational open source projects for cloud infrastructures. In addition, we promote the development of a strong, committed community and - in the future - the certification of relevant experts - all under the umbrella of a company-independent organisation and structure.

To this end, our founders, the IT companies Cloud&Heat Technologies, Cyberus Technology, D3TN, dNation, secunet Security Networks, secustack and STACKIT, have successfully joined forces with the aim of sustainably strengthening digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe.

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