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ALASCA Tech-Talk #2

ALASCA | Tech-Tak #2 | Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS): "Standardization in the SCS community".

The ALASCA Tech Talks provide a platform to discuss projects that have the potential to improve digital infrastructures and cloud services, as well as use cases that rely on these infrastructures and services.

In February, we are expecting an exciting talk from Souvereign Cloud Stack. Please find more information below:

ALASCA | Tech-Tak #2 | Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS): "Standardization in the SCS community".

 "Standardization in the SCS community  

Kurt Garloff (Sovereign Cloud Stack)

The Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) project is a growing network of providers that collaborate to build common standards, a modular, open reference implementation
and also have started to share best practices and work together on operational topics as part of the open operations movement.

While existing providers may take a gradual approach in adopting and benefitting from the joint reference implementation, the standards and also the shared
operational practices can be defined and adopted by new and existing providers alike.

The presentation will cover the standardization efforts - how they are structured and validated and how a resulting certification program looks like.
It describes what has been achieved already and how agreement is built, documented and validated working on the substantial list of things ahead.

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